A new year brings new work and also has me looking back at 2018. Last year ended on a high note, as I booked a co-star role on Season 3 of Disney Channel’s popular series, And Mack. I spent three fun-filled and cold days on set shooting episode 18 the week before Thanksgiving. Keep and eye out for the air date this spring. I also ended the year with a couple commercials and internet ads to be released this month.  

So what does 2019 hold for Charla Bocchicchio? I and thrilled to be once again working with writer/director Lori Lyle (Glass Cages), on her first feature length film, Permittted, shooting this spring. I will also have the pleasure of working along side William Nichol (Perfect Cowboy) again in this one. Stay tuned for more on this project. It’s going be great. 

Also on the horizon, a short Film I starred in last year, Walter Mecham’s, Envelop(e), is being expanded into a feature length film! We will head back into production in a few months, as we have more of the story to tell now. I’m so excited about this project. Every once in a while a meaty role comes along that gets your juices flowing. The role of Amy is that for me. I can’t wait for audiences to see this film.  

Lastly, this month I begin work, starring in a new pilot called, A Space Journey, where I get to play sci-fi villian, Morea. 

Excited for a busy and fruitful 2019!  Hopefully I will run into some of you at Sundance later this month.