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In the rapidly moving and ever-evolving digital age, the need for an effective and well edited demo reel is critical more than ever before. The point of a professional actor reel is to showcase you, your skills/ experience, and your character range/ type. An awesome reel starts with you acting RIGHT AWAY. It also shows you in a character type that is definitely you, while spelling out your range and caliber. Your demo reel is your calling card and will show what simply cannot be seen in a headshot or on a resume.  If you have been acting for while and have a few clips of high quality footage that shows you on screen and not as a background player – then it’s time to put together an acting reel.
I offer full-service editing for professional demo reels.  I will work with you to negotiate a fair price based on what you need done.  Whether you need a quick edit with clips you have already selected and uploaded, or perhaps we are starting from scratch and you need me to upload footage and consult with you on which clips to include and go from there.  I have the full-editing software and video ripping capabilities to make your demo reel; engaging, brief and up to industry standards.  
$60 per hour for demo reel services, with footage provided by the actor

*if you need assistance in accessing footage that is now streaming or otherwise copyrighted, I recommend 

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