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Private Coaching is available in-person or on Zoom!



I offer Private coaching by the hour for actors of all ages and levels of experience. I have coached actors as young as 4 years old all the way up to seniors. I have helped actors prepare auditions and roles for major feature films, commercials and TV shows in LA and I will work with you here in the Salt Lake area to tailor a private session that meets your needs and makes the best use of our time together.  No two auditions are the same and actors need to understand the differences between auditioning for a multi-camera sitcom, single camera TV shows, feature films, and a variety of commercials.  All require something unique of the actor.  


Coaching will help you make strong choices, use buttons that book commercials, access your true essence and work on truly staying present in the scene. Extra attention is given to listening and reacting in the moment, not pre-planning how you think your character should react.  That can be detrimental to your audition.  Contact me today to get on your way to stronger auditions and to get to the next level in your acting!

Watch this clip to get an idea of Charla's philosophy on auditioning! 


Audition Taping

With the popularity of self-tapes in the industry, you need a go-to coach to get you on tape with a professional set-up, and give you the direction you need to put your best foot forward. Next time you get that self-tape request, do yourself a favor and book a session to get it done right! Audition Taping services include a reader, uploading and e-delivery of your audition tape files via Dropbox or WeTransfer.  


Private Coaching - $80 per hour

Audition Taping - $80 per hour ($55 minimum) 

Consultation - $55 per hour

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